Through bleary eyes I quickly and clumsily fumble through the morning routine with my three kids, five days a week before school. Without coffee in my system (no time to get to that until after I’m sitting in the car) I attempt to rouse them out of slumber, tie shoe-laces, find lost library books, herd them to the car, and get them safely to school (a 15 minute drive). Most mornings, we will have a snag or two–an argument, a missing back pack, a kid who just does NOT want to get out of her warm bed. I have learned to anticipate and get through these snags relatively stress-free. Not this morning, though.

Littlest Girl, who is five, stays in bed until the last possible second. She is not in school yet, so while I am scrambling to get the older two ready, she soaks in all the time she possibly can nestled in her warm bed. This morning, as we scrambled out the door, Littlest Girl refused to walk to the car barefoot because it was raining. (She had not put her shoes on–generally speaking, she goes barefoot in the mornings and I am ok with this.) As I scooped her up, the coffee I had precariously balanced in my hand (along with the keys and my purse) tipped and spilled down my jacket sleeve. Such a small inconvenience, really, but it set me off. After snapping at Littlest Girl, I began to cool down on the way to school. Was it even her fault? Channel Cher from Clueless and say it with me: As if! I realized I was taking out my frustrations of spilled coffee on Littlest Girl.

Beth Moore says,

“The more self-absorbed and detached we become, the more we mistake annoyances for agonies. It happens to all of us. I often tell myself to get a grip and downsize how I’ve blown up a comparatively small problem.”

This is from ESTHER: It’s Tough Being a Woman, by Beth Moore. And this quote was found in the chapter I read today for my daily study.

Isn’t this SO true? While my coffee example is a small one, I can think of countless times I’ve let something insignificant send me into a tailspin, and oftentimes I take it out on those I love the most.

Time to stop it, Mama. Time for me to remove my head from my rear and put a roadblock of gentleness, patience, and calm between my brain and my mouth. Annoyances do not equal Agonies, ever. I am too blessed to let a little spilled coffee steal my joy.

Be joyful always…give thanks in all circumstances. 1 Thessalonians 5:16

I read some wonderful advice on a blog awhile back: If we expect that annoyances will happen (because let’s be real–they will!), our mindset will change and we will be more able to fully embrace joy. Joy happens when we put set our minds on Jesus alone–When we expect a little snafu to come here and there, then those snafus cannot steal our joy. They lose their power. The power now lies in Jesus. We can give thanks in ALL circumstances! Spilled coffee means I have coffee to perk me up. My barefoot daughter in my arms means I have a little lovey to carry. I am truly blessed. We are all truly blessed.